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Armaghan Dairy Company (Manimas) History

Manimas is a trademark of Armaghan Dairy Company, a dairy company operating in Fasa (Iran) since 1989. Employing highly proficient workforce and technology, Manimas has been successfully taking huge steps in domestic and international markets while complying with legal requirements, national and international standards, quality management systems including ISO9001, ISO22000, ISO14000, ISO18001, HACCP and Halal Certificate for 100% pure products in accordance with international standards. Manimas Group Production plant As the company’s core facility, the production plant has been utilizing state-of-the-art technology to offer dairy products, milk powder and whey powder through spray dryer at highest standards. The quality of products has been significantly improved since raw milk is supplied from industrial dairy farms adjacent to the plant. Research and Development (R&D) The R&D Department employs the latest research equipment and keeps pace with the demands of consumers and food companies to offer new products and enhance quality, minimize costs and tackle the production issues. Quality Control The Quality Control Department performs continuous chemical and biological testing on products, raw materials, bags and accessories in accordance with highest international standards. Marketing and Sales Composed of several experienced professionals, the Marketing and Sales Department specializes in dairy products, industrial milk powder and whey powder across Iran and the Middle East. This department mainly serves to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. The Manimas senior management has constantly outlined the organizational vision as follows: • Full compliance with sanitary requirements in accordance with national and international standards • Use of pure and first-grade materials and preservative-free production • Constant evaluation of customer opinions to ensure maximum satisfaction • Proper handling of customer complaints and dissatisfaction • Meticulous planning to ensure high-quality procurement and production Adopting the national standards and maintaining top quality, Manimas has built trust among consumers, achieving several honors throughout its involvement in the Iranian dairy industry: Top Standard Quality Unit - 2011 Top Provincial Standard Quality Unit - YEAR Top Additional Livestock and Supplementary Production Industry - 2012 Holder of Golden Apple Statuette at Second Conference on Functional Foods - 2010 Holder of Green Industry Certificate - 2012 Holder of Silver Statuette for Protection of Consumer Rights - 2013 Moreover, Manimas has obtained environmental management certificates (ISO14001), professional health (ISO 18001), food safety (ISO 22000), HACCP, 5S and Halal Certificate. Manimas powder production plant Since 2014, this plant has been supplying the demand of various food industry factories for dairy powder products, employing its full capacities to deliver safe, top-quality products. Built on a land area of 1100 square meters, Manimas powder production plant is currently one of the largest suppliers of dairy powder products such as milk powder, skim milk powder, acid whey powder, permeate powder, MPC and cheese powder in Iran with a production capacity of 20 tons daily. Engineered based on latest technologies available in Iran, the production-line machinery in this plant involves spray dryers. The plant has managed to export products to Persian Gulf countries and CIS, relying on its highly skilled, committed workforce as well as essential facilities for delivery of high-quality products. There are several advantages to Manimas production line, including closed production process from the beginning to powder packaging and appropriate granulation, high solubility, free of burned material, lumps and impurities. The Manimas skim milk powder is produced from fresh cow milk after condensation in spray dryers. Free of any external particles, this extra-grade skim milk powder is widely used in the dairy, cereals, meat, sweets, chocolates, cookies, biscuits and semi-prepared meal industries. Manimas whey powder is unique owing to its functional properties and high protein content, widely used as an alternative to formulated milk powder in food products as well as in the meat industry, dairy, ice cream, snacks, cakes and pastries, biscuits, pasta, chocolate and candy. Manimas permeate powder is produced from permeate through spray dryers, widely used in dairy industry, confectionery and chocolate, bakery, meat products, snacks and desserts. Manimas cheese powder is produced from Fresh Iranian cheese, which is homogenized and condensed in spray dryer to make powder applicable in industries producing snacks, chips, crackers, cakes, cookies, toffee, chocolate, ready soups and meals, bakery, cereals, pasta, breadcrumbs and meat. Manimas MPC powder is a milk protein concentrate prepared from fresh milk, highly soluble owing to its highly desirable technology for production. This powder contains protein, casein and soluble proteins such as beta-lactaglobin, alpha-lactalbumin and immunoglobulin with high nutritional value. It is therefore widely used as an alternative to stabilizers and sodium caseinate in dairy and meat products to increase the dry matter, provide strong viscosity and improve full tissues.

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