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Manimas Yogurt

Low-fat Yogurt

Low-fat yogurt produced from cow milk, is a nutritious food source. Due to high protein, it partially provides human body need to protein.

Eleven Yogurt

You can taste the original flavor of yogurt by Manimas Eleven. This product is a favorable complementary nutrient for children in complementary nutrition age.

Manimas High-fat Yogurt (5%)

High-fat yogurt is produced from fresh cow milk and is a nutritious food source with high fat.

Manimas High-fat Yogurt (3%)

High-fat yogurt is produced from fresh cow milk and is a nutritious food source with high fat.

Manimas Shallot Yogurt

Manimas shallot yogurt is produced from condensed stirred yogurt. Therefore, nutrition value of this yogurt is higher than ordinary ones.

Cream Yogurt

The fresh scent and flavor of this yogurt is very desirable and pleasant because of the fresh cream with fresh cow milk.

Manimas Chease

Processed Pizza Cheese

Processed pizza cheese is a kind of cheese produced from primary cheese or a mix of different cheeses as the main ingredients.

Manimas Mozzarella Cheese

Mozzarella is a fresh elastic cheese with a mild flavor. This company produces it using fresh milk so that it tastes delicious and fragrant.

Manimas Lactic Cheese

Lactic cheese is an Iranian traditional fresh cheese. This cheese has a spongy texture which is cut and packaged after milk condensation through a pressure mechanism to drain whey from it.

Cream-Cumin Cheese

The texture is soft and delicate and it has a mild .flavor

Walnut Cheese

It is a delicious and delicate Iranian cheese with no additives. Regarding its nutritious nature, this cheese is great for consumers.

Cream Cheese

This product is a soft and spreadable type of cheese with a mild flavor.

پنیر تازه ایرانی

پنیر سفید ایرانی مانی ماس طی فرایند اولترافیلتراسیون و از شیر تازه گاو بدون هیچ گونه مواد نگهدارنده تهیه می شود.

Labne Cheese

Labne is produced by the combination of milk and cheese and has less salt compared with other cheeses.

Local Cheese

This product is produced from fresh cow milk with no additives.

Manimas Powder Products

Milk Powder

Manimas skim milk powder is produced by fresh cow milk after condensation and being spray dried.

Manimas Whey Powder

Manimas Whey powder is important because of its functiolnal properties and high protein.

Cheese Powder

Manimas Cheese powder is produced from Iranian fresh cheese line of production which is powdered after homogenization and spray drying.

Manimas Permeate Powder

This product is produced from fresh whey through spraying which can be used in dairy products, candy, chocolate, bakery, meat processing, snacks, cheese puff and desserts.

Manimas MPC Powder

It is milk protein concentrate produced from fresh milk and has a high solubility due to the technology.

Other Manimas Products

Manimas Pasteurized Milk

Half-fat milk is a pasteurized milk produced from fresh cow milk.

Manimas Dough

Manimas dough is a very healthy drink which can be a replacement for carbonated drinks.

Manimas Curd (Kashk)

This curd is one of the most delicious curds in Iran which is a healthy valuable food. It can be used as seasoning in various meals.

Manimas Butter

This butter is a completely natural product with no additives for flavor and scent. It is produced from pasteurized cream.